The Little Eggs


About Me

I know finding quality daycare can be challenging. Not every daycare provider is for every family. You must consider the provider's philosophy, daycare style, and personality. To help you consider my childcare, here's a little about me:

I am happily married and have 2 children, my daughter, Keira is 2 years old and my son Rayka is 10 month. My other interests is singing, reading, and cooking.

Before I started my own daycare I worked as a teacher at a national plus school for 3 years and be a full time mommy for 2 years.

I love the small differences that I make in helping the kids go into the bigger world: self-respect, self-confidence and love the other.

About The Little Eggs

The little eggs just started on may 2014, base on my difficulty to found a quality daycare.

We have three programs depend your kid's age. All of our programs created to help your kids to growth. To see details of our programs please visit our activity pages.